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aclj.org - American Center for Law and Justice, a Christian Civil Liberty site

acls4you.com - A web site for heath care professional to learn the algorithms from the AHA.

afo.net  - AFA/AFR's web site with Christian news and information. Also available is a site filter to protect your family

amazingbible.org - A site with the audio Bible read to you and various conservative doctrinal statements

answersingenesis.org - A site with answers to questions raised in Genesis.  All major doctrines begin here, and this site seeks to answer the questions of evolution that hit at our foundation

answering-islam.org - A site dedicated to answering questions related to Christianity.  Good for witnessing to your Muslim friends.

baptistboard.com - A site for discussion on various issues from a baptist perspective

thebaptistpage.com   - a great resource for historical information and sermons and quotes and message boards
bible.gospelcom.net/bible- Bible on the net.  Look up phrases or Text and see it in many versions

bible.com/ -  Bibles and Bible Studies

betterbookroom.com/ - a Wichita christian bookstore.

call for help - a web site on from the TV show  Call for Help on Tech T.V. that answers your questions about computer problems.

chfweb.com - christian homeschool fellowship, a site with resources and support for homeschoolers

christianbook.com  -  discount Christian book and toy distributor. Bibles, commentaries, toys, games, music, and more are available

christian graphics - A site with free christian E-cards and many other christian graphics for web sites and newsletters

chosen people ministries - a web site dedicated to reaching the Jewish people with the gospel of Jesus

clubhousemagazine.org - Focus on the Family's kids page

crisis pregnancy center- This is a Christian site that offers women Biblical support in time of need.

crown financial ministries - Financial responsibility and how to get there.

schiferl's Chronicles - Rick Schiferl's Web page as he serves in the military

estherministries.org - The Hope of Esther Ministries is to help wives of addicts, thus helping broken marriages become restored and saving wives and children from the devastation of sexual addiction.

family.org - Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson

gideons international.org - The Gideons International serves as an extended missionary arm of the church: Our sole purpose is to win men, women, boys and girls to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through association, personal testimony, and distributing the Bible in the human traffic lanes and streams of everyday life.

gospelcom.net - online Christian resource with a variety of pages from humor to missions to Bible studies to devotionals to entertainment

harvest.org  - Listen to messages and information from Pastor Greg Laurie

impetus  - This is Austin's web page. A good computer artist with thought provoking Christian ideals.

indepedent baptist web sites - a site with links to independent baptist churches, schools, missionaries, and camps from around the United States and the world. (great site!)

independent baptist church locator - a site with over 9,000 listings of ind. baptist churches to serve military and other personnel.

josh.org - Josh McDowell's ministry

jesus4ever.com - a site celebrating Jesus!

kids4truth.com/ - a christian fellowship site

kids links - a christian site with links to many different fun and educational sites

masterpeacecollection.com - The MasterPeace Collection was birthed from a vision to reclaim the arts for Christ. Through Art we not only desire to give Jesus an honored place, but also his rightful place. We believe the highest expression of our creativity is to use it as a celebration of our wonder, devotion, delight and praise to the One who made us in his own image.

medhelpks.com - an organization that seeks to aid people financially and prayerfully who can't afford their medications expenses.

money matters with Larry Burkett - financial information for the whole family including teen and kids sites.

mr. Hitchcock - a church member's web site about today's moms

perfectpeace.net - a Christian lifestyle store in Wichita, KS

pillarmusic.com  - Christian youth

promisekeepers.org - keep 7 promises

rockin with the cross - an a to z listing of praise songs and chords to play

sermoncentral.com - sermons to meet your needs

servehim.com - your online guide to over 9,000 christian sites

watch.org - Bill Koenig, a journalist and White House corespondant, Koenig's International News you will be kept abreast of the key issues and people that you need to know about that cover international and national events of significance from a prophetic prospective.

who is Jesus? - a site by Campus Crusade for Christ International providing evidence to support who Jesus was historically and biblically

worshipmusic.com - we have participated in providing free resources, forums and information for worshipers and worship leaders.

youthspecialties.com   - for christian youth teachers
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