Great "Stop the Virus" Tip
from Roy Edwards

"Here's a little trick you can use to stop the spread of a PC viruses.
Naturally this doesn't deal with the issue of the fact that viruses
exist in the first place, but it does help you protect your E-mail
software and contact list...

Create a contact in your email address book with the name !0000
with no email address in the details. This contact will then show up
as your first contact. If a virus attempts to do a "send all" on your
contact list, your PC will pop up an error message saying that: "The
Message could not be sent. One or more recipients do not have an
e-mail address. Please check your address Book and make sure
all the recipients have a valid e-mail address."

You click on OK and the offending (virus) message would not have
been sent to anyone.

Of course no changes have been made to your original contacts list.
The offending (virus) message may then be automatically stored in
your "Drafts" or "Outbox" folder. Go in there and delete the offending
message. Problem is solved and virus will not spread. Try this and
pass on to your email contacts.

This little trick can save a lot of trouble later, This also works with
any name as long as there isn't an email address.

Point to make: Some email programs (like AOL) won't allow you to
create a new contact without an email address associated with the
name, so I create a fictitious addy like ! to apply
to those email programs."
Stop The Virus: Tip
I wanted to keep this tip available for us to use to protect ourselves from computer problems.