Welcome to the Kid's Page.  Our children mean a lot.  Man oh man, is that an understatement!  This is an assortment of activities and web resources for your kids.  We want to serve them and you! Here are links to other Christian organizations.  So when you click on the others, you will need to click your Back button to come back here.   Enjoy!
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Click on the dove for fun cartoon
messages that teach a moral lesson.
Click on Bible Walk-Through for lessons that walk you through the Bible.
Click on the Adventures in Odyssey for Focus on the Families animated Christian adventure.
Click on Kidz Under Construction for Bible coloring pages from Genesis through the Gospels.  Print out and color away!
Click on BibleMan to visit his web site. A Christian super hero with a ministry to serve God, fight that which is wrong, and serve all mankind!
Click on Vegi Tales to visit their web site.  Spiritual messages in animated video.
Click on Say a prayer for. . . to put in your prayer request and to see other's requests.  And, remember to pray.
Click on Kidspot to visit their site with fun, games, stories, jokes, trivia, and much more!
Click on Larry Burkett's Money Matters for kids teaching kids in a fun way about the responsibility of money.
Click on ABBA COMICS for Christian comics.
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Click on the Jericho Junction logo to see if this would work for your children's church.
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Kids Resource Page
Click on the AWANA logo to see if it is right for your church!
Click on Churchfun.com for safe arcade style games.