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Statement of Faith Summary

See what we believe about Jesus, about the family, about
government, about the church, about salvation, and about
coming events.

We believe:

all Scripture is given by inspiration of God.  It is inerrant and our absolute authority.

that the Godhead eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

in the humanity and Deity of Jesus Christ, fully man and fully God.

in the personality of the Holy Spirit, the source and power for all acceptable worship and service, who indwells every true believer.

a believer is both in Christ, and Christ is in him or her (I Cor. 1:30 and Col. 1:27).

that man was created in the image of God but fell in Adam, so all are sinners by nature and by choice.

that Jesus Christ became the sinners substitute before God and died as a propitiatory sacrifice for the sins of the whole world.

in the resurrection of the crucified body of Jesus Christ.

that salvation is secured by faith alone in death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

that the Church or Body of Christ is composed of all those who truly believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour.

that all believers in our Lord Jesus are called into a life of separation from worldly and sinful practices.

in the evangelization of the world.

in the personal return of Jesus Christ.

that the souls of those who have trusted in Christ for salvation do at death immediately pass into His presence.

that the souls of the lost remain after death in misery until the final judgment of the Great White Throne, when soul and body reunited at the resurrection shall be cast into the Lake of Fire, separated from God forever.

in the reality and personality of Satan, the enemy of God and of believers.

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