Next is Christian Career Center.  The Christian Career Center will help you put the "puzzle pieces" of your career together so you experience the joy and work satisfaction God desires for you!
Welcome to our College & Career Page for our young adults who are going to change the world for Christ.  What you will find here are links to Bible study, to career information, and college issues, not necessarily in that order. Click on the logos below to visit the sites, and click your back button to come back here.  Remember to click on Our Daily Bread for your daily devotional and Say a prayer for. . . on the left to leave a prayer request and to pray for others. 
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Next is a cool little site that will help you spell check everything.  A dictionary and thesaurus are just a click away.
Bible Gate Way is a Bible search in many different translations including the KJV as well as many different languages.  Click on the logo to the right and find the verse for that word or phrase.  Witness to your college roomates in their own language.
Click on Back to the Bible with Woodrow Kroll for a weekly Bible Study.  Learn the basics each week.
Click on Classic Bible Commentaries from
Mathew Henry to Spurgeon to Luther to Wesley.
Classic Bible Commentaries
Click on Archaeology and the Bible to see the historical evidence of the Bible.
Click on Sex, Love, and Relationships for a Christian perspective on sex, pornography, marriage, and relationships.
Click on Jesus Christ to learn more about who Jesus was and is with frequently asked questions answered.
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Click on Christian Spotlight on Entertainment for reviews of movies and music from a Christian perspective.
Christian Colleges
and Universities:
Click on Colleges and Universities for a list of Colleges including our own Baptist Bible College.
Click on the Promise Keepers web page for 7 promises to be kept.

Click on Campus Crusade for Christ for genral resources for college and search for the college you attend.
Click on Boundless Webzine for Focus on the Family's Young Adult issues.
Click on The American Center for Law and Justice.  They are concerned about Religious Liberty, about the Unborn Child, and about protecting your family and your family's rights.
First is Answers in Genesis.  This site seeks to answer questions about Creation vs Evolution.  All major doctrines of the Christian faith begin in Genesis, and this site seeks to defend that foundation.
The Baptist Page seeks to explain the historical and doctrinal positions of Baptists.
College/Career Resources